SE965 OEM Laser Scan Engine

When you choose the Zebra SE96X for 1-D scanning in your products, you choose the new benchmark in 1-D scanning. The SE96X packs the largest feature set into one of the smallest engines available, creating scan engines that offer best-in-class scanning performance, scanning range, application flexibility, reliability and durability. Our patented Adaptive Image Scanning technology automatically toggles between a wide and narrow scan angle until a barcode is detected, allowing users to zoom in on barcodes as far as 15 ft./4.5 m and zoom out to capture barcodes at near contact — the widest working range in this class.

Large working range from near contact to 200 in./508 cm

Meets the needs of a wide range of markets and applications.

Small and lightweight

Easy integration into product designs; fits in the smallest and most space-constrained products.

Adaptive scanning

Automatically optimizes scanning parameters to create an extraordinary extended working range for easy scanning of barcodes that are near and far.

104 scans per second

Aggressive performance and accurate capture of all barcodes – even damaged and poor quality; increases productivity and accuracy in customer applications.

Patented liquid polymer scan element with lifetime warranty

Eliminates friction and wear for superior durability and reliability

Die cast zinc chassis and single board construction

Shock rating of 2,000G for outstanding durability

Programmable scan angle

Provides additional flexibility – easily and cost-effectively customize products for specific applications and customers.

Low power consumption

Increases battery life in mobile devices and cell phones; helps achieve full shift use with a single battery charge.

Bright scan line and enhanced aim mode

Provides intuitive, easy scanning across the entire working range.

Flash upgradable

Easy to upgrade software; extends the lifecycle of your products.

Built-in remote system performance monitoring

Provides remote access to scan engine statistics for easy remote management.

RoHS compliant

Meets RoHS requirements