DS4308 Handheld Scanner

If you’re looking for extraordinary flexibility and performance in your handheld scanner, the next-generation scanning technology in the DS4308 delivers. Its truly extraordinary range does the job of two scanners, allowing you to scan nearer and farther than any other scanner in this class. Your workers can scan virtually any barcode.

The DS4308 does it all — 1-D or 2-D, electronic or printed on paper labels or plastic cards, even if the barcode is dirty, scratched or poorly printed. With PRZM Intelligent Imaging inside, your workers can capture barcodes as fast as they can pull the scan trigger. And that means no more Point-of-Sale exceptions that can turn into longer lines, longer wait times and lost sales. The DS4308 — a new class of scanner for a new world of barcodes.

IMPROVE PATIENT SAFETY AND INCREASE CAREGIVER PRODUCTIVITY WITH NEXT GENERATION SCANNING. - Bar code scanning at patient bedside is crucial in preventing medication and specimen mixups — two of the potentially deadliest errors in a hospital. Capable of reading challenging hospital barcode including traditional paper-based, those displayed on an electronic screen, codes printed on curved surfaces, high density codes printed — from smudged to scratched and poorly printed.

PRZM INTELLIGENT IMAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR NEXT GENERATION PERFORMANCE - Resets the bar for 2D imaging by improving decode performance and snappiness, ensuring the virtually instant capture of bar codes required in the mission critical world of healthcare.

MEGAPIXEL SENSOR AND ADVANCED ALGORITHMS ENABLE FIRST TIME CAPTURE OF ANY BAR CODE, ON ANY MEDIUM — IN VIRTUALLY ANY CONDITION - Give your healthcare workers true peace of mind with the ability to scan virtually any 1D, 2D or PDF417 bar code, as well as the many challenging bar codes in healthcare — including the tiny dense codes wrapped around the curved surface of a vial to bar codes that are stained or smudged.

LARGEST “SWEET SPOT” FOR CAN’T-MISS POINT-AND-SHOOT SCANNING SIMPLICITY - A decode range allows healthcare workers to scan any bar code type at any density nearer and farther than any other scanners in its class, making scanning truly second nature. And with omni-directional scanning, healthcare workers never need to waste valuable time aligning bar code and scanner.

WITHSTANDS CONSTANT DISINFECTING - IP42 sealing and a specially designed disinfectant-ready plastic housing allow safe wipe-down with a wide variety of harsh chemicals to help prevent the spread of germs.

UNSURPASSED AIMING TECHNOLOGY - The crisp and bright aiming dot has the reach and brightness needed to ensure the fast capture of data.

DURABLE DESIGN FOR SUPERIOR UPTIME - Built to survive a 6 ft./1.83 m drop to concrete, the DS4308-HC delivers reliable operation, despite the inevitable everyday drops.

DAY AND NIGHT ‘DO-NOT-DISTURB’ MODES - Healthcare workers can choose to mix and match the decode feedback that is right for the moment: visual (green light/red light), haptic (vibration) and an audible tone.

SUPERIOR OUT-OF-BOX EXPERIENCE - The DS4308-HC is up and running almost instantly. Smart auto-host detect cables automatically determine which interface is attached, eliminating the need to scan numerous configuration bar codes. Over 90 international keyboards are hosted within the scanner for easy setup, all around the world.

EASY ON THE EYES - Thanks to a special LED wavelength and recessed lighting, when a bar code is scanned, the light that is emitted is soft and unobtrusive, preventing eye fatigue and improving the environment for patients and healthcare workers.