CS4070 Companion Scanner

Enterprise-class scanning

Introducing the CS4070, the easy way to add enterprise-class scanning to any mobile device. If your workers are using tablets, laptops and smartphones, they all share a common challenge — the consumer-grade camera used to capture barcodes makes scanning slow, uncomfortable and impossible unless the barcode is perfect.

CS4070 Scanner





  • Mobile point-of-sale
  • Inventory/cycle count
  • End-to-end track and trace
  • Route accounting
  • Merchandising/re-order

THE EASY WAY TO ADD WIRELESS ENTERPRISE-CLASS SCANNING TO TABLETS AND MORE. Tablets are taking the enterprise by storm because of the many benefits they offer. The large screen provides plenty of real estate for data-rich applications. Employees are already familiar with the device, virtually eliminating training. And tablet operating systems support the elegant and highly-intuitive graphics-based applications today’s users expect . But one critical feature is missing — true enterprise class bar code scanning. When the integrated consumer-grade camera is used for scanning, bar code capture is not only slow, it requires a perfect label — something not common in the business world. And just positioning the tablet to scan a bar code is awkward and uncomfortable. Introducing the wireless Bluetooth CS4070 Companion Scanner, the little device that provides the enterprise-class scanning technology and scanning ergonomics that are missing in your tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices that are not designed with intensive bar code scanning in mind. The ideal companion for tablets and more, this affordable pocket-sized device offers our most advanced bar code scanning technology, able to capture virtually any bar code, in any condition, in the time it takes to press the trigger — even if it is damaged, dirty or scratched. And the natural feel delivers comfortable no-fatigue scanning — no matter how many times a day your workers need to scan. The CS4070 — the easy way to empower tablets and more with true enterprise class scanning.

  • Wireless scanning for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices
  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for next generation bar code scanning performance — only from Zebra
  • Scan virtually any bar code on any medium
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Point-and-shoot scanning simplicity
  • Built for business
  • Full-shift power — period
  • Make over a million scans
  • Real-time and batch mode support